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Flavor Enhanced Cannabis Profiles


Blueberry Yum Enhanced Flavor Lab Effects Bottle

Complete Flavor Profiles

We combine strain specific Cannabis Profiles with complementary, natural flavors in order to create our award-winning enhanced flavors.

Never Separates Or Precipitates

These amazing flavors are all lipid-based and homogenize perfect with any cannabis extract and terpene profile making them very easy to work with.

Ditch The Cutting Agents

No PG Lab Effects
No VG Lab Effects
No PEG Lab Effects
No MCT Lab Effects

No Water

No Alcohol

No Separation

A Perfect Match

These terpenes are perfectly suited for the following products among others.




Our Flavor Enhanced Profiles

Blueberry Yum
Cake Crasher
Cherry Lime-Aid
Chocolate Thunder
Citrus Champs
Hawaiian Drink
Mango Kush
Mint Cookies
Orange Sherbet
Peach Poison
Pear-ple Gelato
Pineapple Express
Pink Bubblegum
Strawberries & Cream
Sweet Cantaloupe
Tangerine Dream
Lab Effects Flavor Enhanced Profile Sage Sprig
Lab Effects Tangerine Dream Terpenes

Lab Effects

Flavor Enhanced Cannabis Profiles

Available In:
30ml (1oz)
120ml (4oz)
500ml (16oz)
1000ml (32oz)g
Available Additives:

This product can be made with Hemp Derived Terpenes which are used to provide the distinct aroma and flavor fingerprint of cannabis. The essential oil of hemp without cannabinoids.

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Lab Effects Cannabis Derived Additive

*Custom Quantities Available

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