Terpene Glossary

Chemical Properties

Flash Point: 230°F/110°C
Boiling Point: 529°F/276°C
Color: Colorless to pale yellow
Odor: Fruity, Woody, Valencene, Tropical
Cas#: 495 – 62 – 5
Molecular Formula: C15H24

Therapeutic Benefits

Enhances body's absorption of cannabinoids and can increase their positive effects

About Bisabolene

terpene glossary bisabolene molecule lab effects
Bisabolene molecule

Bisabolene is part of a group of closely related natural chemical compounds which are classified as sesquiterpenes. 

Bisabolene is present in the essential oils of a wide variety of plants including cubeb, lemon, anise, bergamot, wild carrot, and oregano. Various derivates also function as pheromones in different insects, such as stink bugs and fruit flies. It has also been observed to be produced by several fungi, though it’s biological role in that group of organisms remains unclear.

Cannabinoids like THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBC produce better outcomes when they are consumed alongside a supporting cast of terpenes, including bisabolene. This combined synergy has become known as the “entourage effect” and is why bisabolene and other terpenes have become recognized as playing such a powerful role in the therapeutic benefits of cannabis.

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