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The Multifunctional Use of Our Flowable Powder Terpenes in Product Manufacturing

Yes, You Read That Correctly

Another industry innovation by Lab Effects that is taking manufacturing to the next level. Moving beyond fragrance and flavor to a more therapeutic focus of terpenes, our advanced powderization technique provides the ability for companies to now manufacture more traditional medical product formats. We render any terpene or custom profile into a static free powder that is ideal for machine filling applications such as capsules or pill press tablets.

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into Powder

Perfect for Machine Filling

Our Flowable Powder Terpenes as Pharma Supplements

Powder Capsules
Pressed Tablets
Chewable Tablets


By rendering into a powder we can achieve a higher potency without compromising product stability. When manufacturing products such as softgels, there are limitations in using liquid terpenes at high potencies as they will degrade the gel walls resulting in reduced shelf life and leakage. Since two-part gel capsules are ideal for powder filling, this makes them preferable to softgels when manufacturing with terpenes.

Flowable Powder Terpenes Bottle Lab Effects

Lab Effects

Flowable Powder Terpenes

Cost is based on terpene profile selected

Available In:
Static-Free Powder
Formulate Using Either:
Botanical Derived Terpenes Lab Effects
Cannabis Derived Terpenes

*Custom Quantities Available

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