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The Standard For Purity


The Science Of Mapping Terpenes

Founded in 2012, Lab Effects continues to be the premier and trusted source for botanical profiling, extraction, purification and custom formulation of 100% natural cannabis terpenes for manufacturers.

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Truly Making A Difference

Pushing boundaries and providing tangible innovation never before seen in the market. Experience a process with purpose. From guidance to trust, you will achieve a broader formulation capability that will set you apart.

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What is a Terpene?

Terpenes are a major component of plant resins making it the primary ingredient of its essential oil. Most terpenes serve as potent scent molecules for the dual purpose of protection from predators and attracting pollinators. Plants also release terpenes in the form of aerosols, which agglomerate with other atmospheric compounds and encourage the formation of water vapor. This forms protective clouds that cool the plant during extended periods of hot weather.

Beyond providing plants their aroma, protection, and mechanism of reproduction, terpenes have direct interactions with the human body when consumed or inhaled. They actually support other medicinal molecules of a plant, such as cannabinoids, amplifying their therapeutic value.

Why Lab Effects?

We have found that most companies cut their terpenes with diluting agents by at least 50% on average. We do not cut our terpenes, period. In most cases, one would need to double the cost of competing products to run a true comparison with Lab Effects. When it comes to gram for gram purity, we offer the cleanest, most diverse and lowest cost terpenes available.

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MCT/Vitamin E/Squalene
(veg oil)

Purity Means

Buying Less, Using Less and Getting More

As a manufacturer, you should demand a high level of quality and consistency. We are so confident in the purity and potency of our products that we encourage you to do an apples to apples lab test and if we don’t meet or exceed that of your current supplier… we will pay for the test!

Test Disclaimer: Any lab you use must have a complete library of terpene standards to calibrate their equipment from in order to achieve complete and accurate results. Contact us for assistance finding capable and accredited testing facilities:

Our Terpenes

Perfect for Both THC and CBD Products

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