Terpene Glossary

Chemical Properties

Flash Point: 98.6°F/37°C
Boiling Point: 222.8°F/106°C
Color: Pale yellow/green or clear
Odor: Earthy, woody, spicy
Cas#: 3387 – 41 – 5
Molecular Formula: C15H24

Therapeutic Benefits

Analgesic: Relieves pain
Antibacterial: Slows bacterial growth
Anti-inflammatory: Reduces inflammation systemically
Anti-proliferative: Inhibits cancer cell growth
Anorectic: Appetite suppressant, promotes weight loss

About Humulene

terpene glossary humulene molecule lab effects
Humulene molecule

Humulene gets its name from Humulus lupulus (common hops) and is one of the predominant terpenes found in this popular plant. Humulene is also commonly called α-humulene or α-caryophyllene. While humulene is closely related to β-caryophyllene,1 it is a different isomer with distinct properties, and it has yet to be recognized as a dietary cannabinoid.

In addition to hops, humulene is also found in cannabis, basil, clove, black pepper, sage, and ginseng. Like myrcene and pinene, humulene is a fundamental element in the overall aromatic profile of cannabis. This is likely because humulene is produced in the resin of mature cannabis plants to help form a natural defense system, fighting against pests, animals, and bacteria.

Humulene has shown to be a powerful anti-inflammatory2 and analgesic. It also displays tumor-fighting3 and anti-cancer properties4 when combined with phytocannabinoids and other terpenes. Humulene is unique because, like THCv, it acts as an appetite suppressant, making it promising for weight loss treatments. It has commonly been used as a major remedy for inflammation5 and has been well known and incorporated in Chinese medicine for generations.

Some cannabis strains with a high concentration of humulene include Death Star, Headband, Thin Mint GSC, Original Glue, Candyland, White Widow, Pink Kush, Bubba Kush, Super Lemon Haze, Sour Diesel, and Skywalker OG.

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