Terpene Glossary

Chemical Properties

Flash Point: 228°F/109°C
Boiling Point: 399.2°F/204°C
Color: Yellow
Odor: Grassy and balsamic
Cas#: ‎7541-49-3
Molecular Formula: C20H40O

Therapeutic Benefits

Antioxidant: inhibits potentially damaging oxidizing agents.
Analgesic: Relieves pain.
Anticonvulsant: Reduces convulsions.
Anti-anxiety: Reduces anxiety.
Anti-inflammatory: Reduces inflammation.
Anti-tumor: Prevents growth of tumors.

About Phytol

terpene glossary phytol molecule lab effects
Phytol molecule

Phytol is an acyclic diterpene alcohol, and is produced from the degradation of chlorophyll. This terpene is grassy and balsamic in odor, and is naturally produced in green tea. Phytol is utilized to synthesize vitamins K and E.

The antioxidant properties of phytol are well known, and it is actively researched for numerous other therapeutic effects. A 2013 study1 shows phytol to possess strong pain-relieving properties, and recent studies have shown it to be an effective treatment of both liver and breast cancer.2,3

Through the neurotransmitter GABA4, phytol has also been shown to function as an anticonvulsant5 and antianxiety6 treatment. Like many terpenes, phytol also possesses strong anti-inflammatory properties.7

Cannabis leaves with phytol may induce a relaxing, sedative effect.8 Some strains which are high in phytol include Cheese and Sour Diesel.

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