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The CutTM


The Cut Terpenes Additive Lab Effects

Welcome to The CutTM

The Only Safe Diluent On The Market
A 100% Pure Plant-Derived Terpene
No PG | VG | PEG
No MCT | Squalene
No Vitamin E Acetate
No Additives
100% Pure Plant Derived Terpene

A naturally occurring 100% pure plant-derived terpene ideal for reducing the viscosity of cannabis extracts and eliminating crystallization. Contains NO Vitamin E Acetate or additives of any kind.

Perfect For Your Custom Blends

The Cut™ allows you to blend custom Isolated Plant Terpenes, Cannabis Profile Cannabis Derived Terpenes, Therapeutic Terpenes, and Enhanced Flavors without worrying about changing the integrity of their vape liquid.

Odorless & Flavorless

Unlike other cutting agents or inappropriately used diluents, The Cut™ offers the added benefit of being odorless and flavorless making it a superior thinning agent to add to any CBD or THC vape formulation.

One Less Thing To

Worry About

While other manufacturers use PG/VG, Squalene (veg oil) or MCT, The Cut™ is actually a pure natural terpene and will not introduce health risks when vaped at high temperatures. Most companies dilute with these non-terpene additives, so we highly encourage you to do an apples to apples lab test and if we don’t meet or exceed that of your current supplier… we will pay for the test!

We want you to feel secure in knowing that your customers will be using a safe, clean and natural product.

Test Disclaimer: Any lab you use must have a complete library of terpene standards to calibrate their equipment from in order to achieve complete and accurate results. Contact us for assistance finding capable and accredited testing facilities:

Vape Juice Bottle Lab Effects
Formulated Specifically For:
Cannabis Vape Liquid
~Reduce Viscosity
~Prevent Crystallization
~100% Pure Terpene
~No Vitamin E Acetate
~Eliminates need to Winterize
The Cut Terpenes Bottle Lab Effects

Lab Effects

The CutTM

Available In:
30ml (1oz)
120ml (4oz)
500ml (16oz)
1000ml (32oz)

*Custom Quantities Available

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