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The Cut Diluent Terpene Lab Effects

Explore the Benefits of The CutTM, Our Terpene Diluent

100% Pure Plant-Derived
No PG | VG | PEG
No MCT | Squalene
No Vitamin E Acetate
No Adultrants
100% Pure Plant Derived

Naturally occurring and ideal for reducing the viscosity of cannabis extracts and eliminating crystallization. Contains NO Vitamin E Acetate or additives of any kind.

Perfect For Your Custom Blends

The Cut™ allows you to blend custom Isolated Plant Terpenes, Cannabis Profile Cannabis Derived Terpenes, Therapeutic Terpenes, and Enhanced Flavors without worrying about changing the integrity of their vape liquid.

Odorless & Flavorless

Unlike other cutting agents or inappropriately used diluents, The Cut™ offers the added benefit of being odorless and flavorless making it a superior thinning agent to add to any CBD or THC vape formulation.

One Less Thing To

Worry About With Our Terpene Diluent

While other terpene companies offer a carrier oil or cutting agent of some kind, the majority use a non-terpene based additive such as PG/VG, Squalene (veg oil) or MCT, which can convert to dangerous carcinogens or denature at temperatures required for vaping. These additives can present risks to consumers and jeopardize the overall quality of the vape liquid itself.

For many years, one of the most sought after solutions in cannabis product formulation was finding terpenes with very subtle or non-existent aromatic/flavor profiles so they could be used in higher concentrations as a pure and natural cutting agent, eliminating the need for all other common and risk-prone product adulterants.The Cut™, is that solution. A blend of flavorlessand scentless natural terpenes that can beused as a diluent without overwhelming or harming the consumer.

Vape Juice Bottle Lab Effects
Formulated Specifically For:
Cannabis Vape Liquid
~ Reduce Viscosity
~ Prevent Crystallization
~ Orderless / Flavorless
~ No Prohibited Adultrants
~ Eliminates need to Winterize
~ Regulatory Compliant Ingredient
The Cut Diluent Terpene Bottle Lab Effects

Lab Effects

The CutTM

Available In:
30ml (1oz)
120ml (4oz)
500ml (16oz)
1000ml (32oz)

*Custom Quantities Available

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