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Water Soluble Liquids and Powder Terpenes Lab Effects

Unique Miscelle Technology Used in Our Water Soluble Terpenes

We have developed a unique micelle technology that allows us to seamlessly fold ANY terpene profile into a water-based product through an advanced nano-emulsified microencapsulation technique with a ten percent (10%) load concentration.


Load Concentration


Emulsified Microencapsulation


Terpene Profile

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Our Water Soluble Terpenes Are of Multifunctional Use Within Product Manufacturing

Our Water Soluble Terpenes can be used in a variety of applications from daily beverages such as sports drinks, spirits, and beer, to even water-based topical creams and lotions and many other applications.

Bottled Water

Energy Shots

Flavored Beverages

Flavor Concentrates

Alcoholic Beverage Industry

Topical Creams & Lotions

Water Soluble Liquids and Powder Terpene Bottles Lab Effects

Lab Effects

Water Soluble Terpenes

Cost is based on terpene profile selected

Available In:
Liquid & Powder Formats
Formulate Using Either:
Botanical Derived Terpenes Lab Effects
Cannabis Derived Terpenes

*Custom Quantities Available

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