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Cannabis Profile Matching


Purple Gelato Lab Effects Bottle with Terpene Structure

It’s All Just Science

Cannabis Profile Matching is done by extracting and isolating each unique terpene molecule. We then reconstruct the profiles to ratios of our choosing. Running analytics on cannabis genetics allows us to profile match the exact terpene spectrum of a particular strain for our clients.

cannabis profile matching leaf lab effects

Although cannabis contains many distinct terpene profiles, other plants are also known to hold concentrated amounts of very specific terpenes which can be extracted more cost effectively than those from cannabis.

Adding a calculated percentage of isolated terpenes...

Terpene Source

Pulling terpenes from other plants has allowed us to achieve a much broader formulation goal than would have been financially achievable only isolating them from cannabis. Once isolated, there is no difference between terpenes pulled from cannabis versus those pulled from other plants.

Lab Effect Profile Matching Caryophyllene


Lab Effect Profile Matching Humulene


Lab Effect Profile Matching Limonene


No More Guessing

Standardize your products and choose the exact profile from the strain you’re looking for. If you do extractions and struggle to maintain terpenes, which is common with CO2, we can help you reintroduce the missing terpenes specific to your strain. If we do not have it in stock, we can build it for you and create the powerful entourage effect from any strain you desire.

Sour Diesel Profile Matching Terpenes Lab Effects identically match a specific cannabis profile...

...and enhance with cannabis derived terpenes...

Add Our Cannabis
Derived Terpenes

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We take a carefully chosen combination of Cannabis Profile Terpenes paired perfectly with complimentary Cannabis Derived Terpenes.

...results in unsurpassed quality.



98 Bubblegum
Blue Dream
Blueberry Short
Cannalope Haze
Cherry Kush
Chocolate Thai
Durban Poison
Fruit Loops


Fruity Pebbles
G.S. Cookies
Ghost Train Haze
House Blend
Jack Herer
King Louis XIII
Lemon Haze
Mowie Wowie
OG Berry Kush
OG Kush
Orange Cookies


Purple Gelato
Russian Diesel
Sour Diesel
Stinky Monkey
Strawberry Fields
Sunset Sherbet
Tangie Haze
Wedding Cake

For a complete list of our ever-expanding profile offerings download our catalog.

Lemon Haze Cannabis Profile Matching Terpenes Lab Effects

Lab Effects

Cannabis Profile Matched Terpenes

Available In:
30ml (1oz)
120ml (4oz)
500ml (16oz)
1000ml (32oz)
Available Additives:

This product can be made with Hemp Derived Terpenes which are used to provide the distinct aroma and flavor fingerprint of cannabis. The essential oil of hemp without cannabinoids.

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Lab Effects Cannabis Derived Additive

*Custom Quantities Available

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