Terpene Therapy 101

Terpene Therapy 101

Therapeutic Terpene Blends

The recreational and therapeutic use of cannabis is often associated with the therapeutic “experience” a user might have from a specific strain or plant type. Science has discovered that the kind of terpene(s) particular to the cannabis plant or strain has the most significant impact on said “experience.” Combined with THC and CBD, this experience is a synergistic effect, known as the “entourage effect.” Each terpene is responsible for contributing to a specific quality to the experience such as pain management, anxiety reduction, energy enhancement, sleep aid, etc.

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What are terpenes?

Of the more than 20,000 known terpenes, 100 of them are known to be produced by the cannabis plant.  Although terpenes have gone mainstream with the birth of the cannabis industry, known for giving cannabis products their flavor and aroma, terpenes are nothing new.  These aromatic hydrocarbon molecules are abundant in nature, found within most plants, and humans and animals have been enjoying their benefits for thousands of years.

Terpenes (and terpenoids) are the naturally occurring aromatic and flavorful metabolites found in the oils of plants such as citrus, berries, mint, and pine. Evolutionarily, many plants and even some insects developed terpenes to ward off herbivores that might eat them and to attract helpful predators and pollinators.

Studies are now confirming that terpenes have a multitude of mental and physical health benefits. For instance, the terpene beta-caryophyllene found in cannabis, as well as black pepper, basil, and oregano have shown pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory benefits. Chongqing Medical University‘s study on this terpene noted results in treating Alzheimer’s disease.

The Journal of Toxicological Research recently studied and published scientific conclusions about the Japanese practice of forest bathing or shinrin-yoku. The study showed how a terpene-rich environment has potential anti-inflammatory, anti-tumorigenic, and neuroprotective effects on human health.

Terpenes in cannabis product formulation

Leading-edge cannabis manufacturers are starting to understand that terpenes hold a far higher value than just their application in customizing best-selling flavor and aroma profiles. While these are two essential components to successful formulations, above all else, consumers want to know how they will feel after consuming any given product.

It’s no secret that brand consistency creates a loyal customer base. Consistency is even more important in the budding cannabis industry, where many consumers are looking to find relief from chronic ailments to acute disorders.

Lab Effects empowers brands to leverage therapeutic terpene blends that deliver targeted and consistent experiences time after time. By controlling the ratios and synergies of terpenes and cannabinoids, manufactures can make more sophisticated formulas catering to the specific needs of users.

When isolated terpenes are combined with synergistic cannabinoids, the benefits are multiplied; both the effect and stability from the interaction with the body increase the balance of nutrients thanks to the entourage effect. 

Most common terpenes and their effects:


Aroma: Pine
Best Vaping Temperature: 311ºF (155ºC)
Therapeutic Qualities: Increased alertness and, memory retention, may counteract some effects of THC
Medicinal Implications: asthma, pain, inflammation, ulcers, anxiety, oncology
LabEffects Pure Isolated Source: Pine
Also found in: Cannabis, Rosemary, Basil, Parsley, and Dill


Aroma: Woody, spicy, cloves, and pepper
Best Vaping Temperature: 266ºF (130ºC)
Therapeutic Qualities: Stress relief
Medicinal Implications: pain, anxiety/depression, ulcers
LabEffects Pure Isolated Source: Peppercorns
Also Found in: Cannabis, Black Pepper, Cloves, Cinnamon


Aroma: Woody, earthy, and hoppy
Best Vaping Temperature: 388ºF (106ºC)
Therapeutic Qualities: Appetite suppressant
Medicinal Implications: Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, tumor reduction, pharma kinetics (aids in the effectiveness of other prescription drugs)
LabEffects Pure Isolated Source: Hops


Aroma: Citrus
Best Vaping Temperature: 348ºF (176ºC)
Therapeutic Qualities: Enhanced mood, stress relief
Medicinal Implications: anxiety, depression, inflammation, pain, and oncology
LabEffects Pure Isolated Source: Limes
Also Found in: Cannabis, Citrus Fruits, Rosemary, Juniper, and Peppermint


Aroma: Lavender
Best Vaping Temperature: 388ºF (198ºC)
Therapeutic Qualities: Enhanced mood, sedation, anxiety relief
Medicinal Implications: anxiety, depression, insomnia, pain, inflammation, and neurodegenerative disease
LabEffects Pure Isolated Source: Lavender
Also found in: Cannabis


Aroma: Musky, earthy, herbal, cardamom, cloves
Best Vaping Temperature: 332ºF (167ºC)
Therapeutic Qualities: Relaxing and sedating
Medicinal Implications: Antioxidant; treatment of insomnia, pain, and inflammation
LabEffects Pure Isolated Source: Mango
Also Found in: Cannabis, Lemongrass, Thyme, and Hops


Aroma: Sweet, herbal, and slightly citrus
Best Vaping Temperature: 122ºF (50¬ºC)
Therapeutic Qualities: Energizing
Medicinal Implications: Antiviral, anti-fungal, antiseptic, decongestant, antibacterial
LabEffects Pure Isolated Source: Parsley
Also Found in: Cannabis, Mint, Pepper, Basil, Mangoes, Orchids, Oregano, Tarragon, and Kumquats


Aroma: Lemon pine, woody, and herbal spice
Vaporizes At: 366ºF (186ºC)
Therapeutic Qualities: Relaxing and sedating
Potential Medical Value: Antioxidant, insomnia, antibacterial, anti-fungal, oncology
LabEffects Pure Isolated Source: Cumin
Also Found in: Cannabis, Sage, Rosemary, Apples, Nutmeg, Tea Tree, Conifers, and Lilacs

Wholesale Therapeutic Terpene Blends

The variety of therapeutic and medicinal implications of terpenes are far-reaching and very promising.  Over the last seven years, Lab Effect’s focal point has been blending synergistic terpenes known to support the targeting of specific ailments: pain, inflammation, anxiety, cancer, auto-immune, and more.

Many THC and CBD companies only use Lab Effects terpene blends in their products – such as the disposable vapes offered by Vapor Slide.

“Terpenes can make or break how my products taste and smell, but above all else my customers want to know how consuming the product will make them feel,” said Brendan Gillis, CEO & Founder of Vapor Slide who uses Lab Effect’s therapeutic blends in their proprietary CBD vaporizers sold on ReleafCBD.com. “My customers have shared grateful testimonials with me because Lab Effect’s formulas work consistently and effectively for them. I’ve had people reach out looking for help with everything from anxiety to insomnia to pain management.”

Want to pick up your manufacturing game? Lab Effects can help you control your terpenes (>120+). CBD Global can help you control your cannabinoids (CBD,CBG,CBC,CBN).

If you have any questions or use cases not mentioned above regarding terpene blends, please feel free to leave a comment below or email us at info@labeffects.com!

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