Terpene Glossary

Chemical Properties

Flash Point: 131°F/55°C
Boiling Point: 369°F/187°C
Color: Colorless to light amber
Odor: Smoky and woody
Cas#: 3387 – 41 – 5
Molecular Formula: C10H16

Therapeutic Benefits

Antibacterial: Slows bacterial growth
Anti-Fungal: Inhibits the growth of fungus
Anti-Insomnia: Aids with sleep
Anti-Proliferative: Inhibits cancer cell growth
Antioxidant: Prevents oxidation damage to other molecules in the body

About Terpinolene

Terpinolene is one of the many terpenes in the terpinene and pinene family. While they all share the same molecular formula, weight, and construction,  the placement of the double carbon bond differentiates them. This defines their unique synergistic qualities when combined with CBD products for therapeutic benefits.1

Terpinolene, like its cousin a-pinene, is commonly found in many household products while its pure isolated properties go unrecognized. Terpinolene’s scent is more complex than many more well-known terpenes. It can be smoky, woody, floral, herbal, and occasionally citrusy, and is often used for these aromatic qualities in soaps, perfumes, and some insect repellents. 

Terpinolene by any other name is still terpinolene. Because of its wide use, terpinolene is called by many names depending on the industry and application. Below are a few other names used for terpinolene which you may have encountered in many household products:

terpene glossary terpinolene molecule lab effects
Terpinolene molecule
  • δ-Terpinene (delta-Terpinine)
  • 586-62-9 [RN]
  • (±)-α-Terpinyl acetate
  • p-Meth-1-en-8-yl-formate
  • 4-Isopropylidéne-1-méthylcyclohexène
  • 1-Methyl-4-(2-propanyliden)cyclohexen
  • 4-Isopropylidene-1-methyl-cyclohexene
  • 1-Methyl-4-(propan-2-yliden)cyclohexen
  • 1-methyl-4-(propan-2-ylidene)cyclohexene
  • 4-Isopropylidene-1-methylcyclohexene [ACD/IUPAC Name]
  • Cyclohexene, 1-methyl-4-(1-methylethylidene)- [ACD/Index Name]

Terpinolene is popular in the scientific community for its antioxidant,2 antibacterial,3 and antimicrobial4 properties in addition to the growing evidence for potential use in fighting cancer,5 treating anxiety, and improving cholesterol levels.2 Terpinolene also has notable sedative and sleep aid qualities.6

While most commonly found in a variety of botanicals such as lilac, tea tree, nutmeg, pine trees, apples, and cumin, terpinolene can also be found in an array of cannabis plants that have sativa dominance.

Popular terpinolene-dominant cannabis strains include Dutch Treat, Sensi Star, J1,  Super Jack, Lemon Sour Diesel, Afghani, Jean Guy, Super Lemon Haze, Arjan’s Haze #3, Sour Tangie, Snowcap, Shipwreck, and Sour Tsunami. Terpinolene is often present in lower ratios than other terpenes in a specific strain, making it perhaps the least common terpene.

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