Water Miscible Terpenes, Evolved.

Water Miscible Terpenes, Evolved.

Water-Miscible Terpenes

Lab Effects has been perfecting and diversifying the application of Water-Miscible Terpenes over the past three years. The line has expanded into several improved powder and liquid versions, each designed for a specific type of food, beverage or product manufacturer. Now, water-based products can benefit from the flavor, fragrance and therapy terpenes offer.

Unique Micelle Technology

Water Terpenes Lab Effects Bottle

Up until recently, terpenes were only utilized in oil-based applications due to their lipophilic nature. Simply speaking, if you remember science classes as a kid, oil and water are immiscible, or don’t mix together.

Lab Effects has developed a way to overcome these manufacturing challenges, with a unique micelle technology that allows the laboratory to seamlessly fold any terpene profile into a water-based product through an advanced nano-emulsified microencapsulation technique.

The result? Water-soluble terpenes that enable cannabis manufacturers to be more creative and utilize terpenes in any water-based application they can dream up!

Multifunctional Use Within Product Manufacturing

Water miscible terpenes are not limited to the cannabis industry either, restaurants and bars can now infuse terpenes into their menus and cocktails. A variety of applications can now benefit from terpenes; from daily beverages such as sports drinks, spirits, and beer, to water-based topical creams and lotions and many other applications. 

Consider Muscat grapes used in making wine. Linalool, Geraniol, and Nerol are common terpenes found in this category of grapes, influencing the flavor and aroma of wine…and those are just three isolated terpenes. Imagine what you can do with hundreds of isolated and blended terpenes in any type of beverage or food product. With water-miscible terpenes, you get the flavor, aroma, and effects of each coveted terpene blend (without the THC) and the ability to add it into any water-based formula.

Water Soluble Terpenes have many applications and the future brings unlimited potential. More information can be found on www.labeffects.com/water-miscible-terpenes.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below or email us at info@labeffects.com.

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