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Cannabis Derived Terpenes


Terpene Derived Cannabis Plant Lab Effects
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An Essential Oil?

One of the cannabis plant’s most universally appealing and appreciated qualities is its diverse set of aromas and flavors that accompany each of its many strains. Cannabis Derived Terpenes are actually Cannabis Essential Oils. The essential oil derived from cannabis contains the pure essence (flavor, scent) of the plant from which it is extracted. Within that essential oil contains a terpene profile that can act as an aromatic fingerprint of the plant all while containing no THC psychoactive properties.


Of the cannabis plant’s total essential oil is made up of terpenes.


Of the cannabis plant essential oils are comprised of a multitude of other subcomponent oils which contribute to its very unique aroma.

Changes Cause Changes

The experience of cannabis consumption is analogous to that of wine. With profiles that transform between geographical regions and changing seasons, the impressive adaptive nature of this plant appeals to all. Even moderate environmental changes in soil composition, relative humidity or UV exposure can become epigenetic forces that trigger once dormant genes to activate, revealing endless phenotype morphologies. With these changes come an ever-evolving breadth and depth of aromatic complexity that excites the interests of scientists and connoisseurs alike.

Unique cultivars are named for the predominant flavors and aromas they portray. Even the untrained nose can identify differences of citrus, spicy, to herbal and skunky, woody, piney, diesel, and coffee. We have terpenes to thank for it all, and cannabis particularly provides a spectrum of profiles for every pallet.

Lab Effects Wine and Bud



In biological taxonomy, all Hemp and Marijuana are Genus Cannabis, specifically classified as Cannabis Sativa L. Many people have chosen to stop using the term marijuana to dissociate from its prior unsavory connotations and instead use the word Cannabis to describe the plant’s non-industrial-hemp varieties. Although this decision was rooted in good intention, it has also created much confusion within the hemp and “cannabis” space, since both hemp and marijuana are scientifically classified as Cannabis. So when one says cannabis today, it is not always clear which variety they are speaking of. When you read the word cannabis, remember that it also includes all industrial hemp varieties, such as those used by Lab Effects to produce our Cannabis Derived Terpenes.

Lab Effects Cannabis Derived Hemp Versus Marijuana

The Desired Unknown

This “unknown” is the secret sauce that actually creates that highly desired “Skunky” aroma of cannabis. This is really what so many strive to attain when seeking “Cannabis Derived Terpenes”.




How They’re Used

- Ideal for flavoring products intended to smell just like the plant in its natural form.

- Not recommended for therapeutic purposes (as the essential oil contains many “unknowns” that are not controlled, which may carry contradicting therapeutic values).

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Cannabis Derived Terpenes

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