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Our Isolated Botanical Terpenes

Below is a list of our most common isolated terpenes. Our list is always growing so please contact us for more options.

Benefits of Our Isolated Botanical Terpenes

Natural & Pure

Terpenes are aromatic hydrocarbon compounds found in plants that give them each their unique fragrance. Lab Effects uses only the purest forms of naturally occurring plant terpenes.

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All plants contain a unique array of specific terpenes which can be isolated and used to create much broader profile formulations.

Benefits Include:
Increased Aromatics

- Citrus
- Spice
- Skunky
- Woody

Holistic Properties

- AntiAnxiety
- Energy
- Pain Relief

Taste Enhancement

- Fruity
- Tart
- Savory
- Floral

Keeping Costs Low With Our Isolated Botanical Terpenes

Pulling terpenes from other plants has allowed Lab Effects to achieve a much broader formulation goal than would have been financially achievable isolating them from cannabis alone. Once isolated, there is no difference between terpenes pulled from cannabis versus those pulled from other plants.

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Long Shelf Life

Increased stability allowing your inventory to safely be stored and maintained over longer periods of time without the risk degradation.

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High Potency

Lab Effects highly concentrated terpenes are made of 100% pure terpenes and No Cutting Agents allowing you to use less with greater results.

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Every batch from Lab Effects is virtually identical to the previous batch, providing consistency in your formulations and for your customers.


Plant Derived

Plant derived terpenes are readily available in larger quantities, available year-round and are more cost-effective, gram by gram saving you time and money.

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Lab Effects

Isolated Botanical Terpenes

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*Custom Quantities Available

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