Terpene Glossary

Chemical Properties

Flash Point: 117°F/47.2°C
Boiling Point: 350.6°F/177°C
Color: Colorless to pale yellow
Odor: Citrusy and sweet
Cas#: 99 - 87 - 6
Molecular Formula: C10H14

Therapeutic Benefits

Antibacterial: Slows bacterial growth.
Antifungal: Inhibits the growth of fungus.
Anti-inflammatory: Reduces inflammation
Analgesic: Relieves pain

About Para-Cymene

terpene glossary para cymene molecule lab effects
Para-cymene molecule

Para Cymene (p-Cymene) is a naturally occurring aromatic organic compound. It is classified as an alkylbenzene, a subset of aromatic hydrocarbons, and related to monoterpenes. It is miscible with ethanol and ether, but insoluble in water.

p-Cymene is the most common form of cymene; other forms of cymene include o-Cymene and m-Cymene.

p-Cymene is a constituent of many essential oils, most commonly the oil of cumin and thyme. p-Cymene is also present in angelica root and seed oil, bay leaf oil, basil oil, carrot seed oil, clove bud oil, clary sage oil, grapefruit oil, and in the essential oil of anise, oregano, eucalyptus, coriander, and mace. p-Cymene is found in cannabis with low concentrations.

p-Cymene is frequently used as a flavoring agent (beverages and confections) due to it’s sweet, citrusy taste and scent. It is also commonly found in cosmetics, fragrances and even cleaning supplies. p-Cymene is also commonly used for medicinal purposes as it has been shown to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic, anticancer and antimicrobial properties.

The study “Antifungal activity of thyme essential oil against molds from damp dwellings” determined p-Cymene showed strong antifungal activity against candida.1 This makes p-Cymene popular in topical formulations.

Another study titled “Evaluation of the anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive properties of p-cymene in mice” showed that para cymene does possess anti-inflammatory activity and inhibits nociception in mice when applied topically (1x) daily.2

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