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About Lab Effects

We’ll Keep This Brief

Lab Effects is the premier and trusted source for botanical profiling, extraction, purification and 
custom formulation of 100% natural cannabis terpenes.

Our interest in natural terpenes is for their diverse application in flavoring products and for their known medicinal properties. They allow for making highly effective formulations that always outperform the competition, resulting in an unmatched user experience.

We are dedicated to potency and purity and use only the most effective combinations of natural ingredients to achieve our superior flavors and powerful healing benefits. Our services are used by the industry’s leading product manufactures... and they’re winning awards.

Lab Effects Rosemary Sprig


Lab Effects was
officially founded.


Company to offer
terpenes in the
cannabis industry.


Company to offer
water miscible and
powder terpenes.


Company offering
true Cannabis
Derived Terpenes.


Used Vitamin E
Acetate Or Other

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