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Cannabis-Derived Terpenes, EVOLVED.

Never before seen Cannabis Hybrid Terpenes™ (CHT) now offer the industry a scaled supply of strain-specific cannabis-derived terpenes that are standardized, and cost-controlled.

Standardizing Cannabis Derived Terpene Bases Through Strain Specific Profile Matching

Plant Derived Terpenes + Cannabis Derived Terpenes = Cannabis Hybrid TerpenesTM

CHT™ starts with our very own suite of cannabis-derived essential oil bases, which cover the most ubiquitous aroma categories of diesel, fruity, skunky, earthy, and floral. We then fortify each cannabis-derived base with its many correlated strain-specific profile blends made from other botanical terpenes at carefully chosen ratios, to make sure neither overpowers the other, and every base aromatic note of that variety is captured and expressed.

The Best Of Both Worlds

Cannabis Hybrid Terpenes™ solves the historical challenges of cannabis-derived terpenes and botanical terpene blends. Combining these together offers the best of both worlds. Cannabis Hybrid Terpenes™ ensures end-consumers experience every note and nuance of the desired cannabis strain’s aroma and flavor while controlling costs and product consistency.

Cannabis Hybrid Terpenes Botanical Derived Terpenes Cannabis Derived Terpenes
Authentic Cannabis Aroma
Contains Non-Terpene Essential Oil
Cost Effective
Readily Available
Scaleable Supply
Unlimited Strain Profile Options
Sustained Competitive Differentiation

Forward-Thinking Innovation For Industry-Leading Products

Aroma Cannabis Hybrid Terpenes Lab Effects

Complete Aroma Profile

The non-terpene components of the essential oil are captured completing the desired cannabis aroma.

Standardization Cannabis Hybrid Terpenes Lab Effects

Consistent & Diverse

Our process allows for standardizing consistent cannabis profiles while offering an endless array of diverse strain options.

Scalability Cannabis Hybrid Terpenes Lab Effects

Cost & Scalability

All the benefits of Cannabis Derived Terpenes without the associated cost & supply barriers.

Our Current Cannabis Hybrid Terpenes™ List

Capturing the non-terpene elements responsible for the cannabis flower’s most essential aromas and using them to complete the botanical profile puzzle for any strain desired now allows you to choose from an endless variety of strains at more than half the price of what a cannabis-derived product typically costs. If we do not have the strain you are looking for, we will build it for you.

Earthy Mossy Cannabis Hybrid Terpenes Lab Effects


Harley Quinn
Chocolate Thai
King Louis XIII
Skunky Cannabis Hybrid Terpenes Lab Effects


98 Bubblegum
Blackberry Kush
Cereal Milk
Ghost Train Haze
House Blend
Jack Herer
Sour Lemon OG
Stinky Monkey
Tangie Haze
Yoda OG
Fruity Berry Cannabis Hybrid Terpenes Lab Effects


9 Pound Hammer
Cannalope Haze
Cherry Pie
Forbidden Fruit
Fruity Pebbles
Purple Punch
Strawberry Cough
Strawberry Fields
Sunset Sherbet
Super Silver Haze
Thai Sativa
Gassy Diesel Cannabis Hybrid Terpenes Lab Effects


Chem Dog
Gorilla Glue #4
GMO (Garlic Cookies)
Green Crack
Girl Scout Cookies
OG Kush
Purple Gelato
Russian Diesel
Sour Diesel
Venom OG
Floral Herbal Cannabis Hybrid Terpenes Lab Effects


Blueberry Short
Blue Dream
Cherry Kush
Durban Poison
Grand Daddy Purple
Lemon Haze
Maui Wowie
OG Berry Kush
Orange Cookies
Pink Picasso
Platinum Cookies
Wedding Cake
Cannabis Hybrid Terpenes Profile List Lab Effects
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Lab Effects

Cannabis Hybrid Terpenes™

Available In:
30ml (1oz)
120ml (4oz)
500ml (16oz)
1000ml (32oz)
Custom Strain Profiles Available
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Formulated Using:
Cannabis Derived Terpenes

*Custom Quantities Available

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