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Cannabis Derived Terpene Strains

What are cannabis-derived terpenes?

The term “cannabis-derived terpenes (CDT)” can be misleading, as it infers that single terpenes are extracted and isolated from cannabis, which is untrue. Nobody isolates single terpenes from cannabis as doing so would not be cost effective or scalable. This is why people pull isolated terpenes from non-cannabis sources, which the industry refers to as "Botanical Terpenes", despite the obvious fact that cannabis is also botanical. What the term Cannabis Derived Terpenes actually describes is the entire essential oil of the cannabis plant, which has varying levels of actual terpenes based on the particular extraction process and methods of the technician. The non-terpene components of this essential oil are made up many other subcomponent parts, such as flavonoids, ketones, aldehydes, esters, etc., which all contribute to the plant’s unique and unmistakable aroma. These additional components of the cannabis essential oil cannot be duplicated from non-cannabis sources like individual terpenes can. This is why cannabis essential oils (cannabis-derived terpenes) are so valuable and highly sought after. They have the full-bodied aroma unique to the specific cannabis plant they are derived from, not just some of the parts.

We offer cannabis essential oils native to each unique strain that can be reintroduced in order to make a finished product taste and smell like the plant in its original form.

Elevate Your Products With Cannabis Derived Terpenes

Cannabis Derived Terpene Aroma Plant Lab Effects

The Secret Sauce

Cannabis essential oils (made up of terpenes at varying ratios and a multitude of other subcomponent oils) are the secret sauce that actually creates that highly desired aroma of cannabis. This is really what so many strive to attain when seeking “cannabis-derived terpenes”.

The Evolution of Cannabis-Derived Terpenes

Cannabis-derived terpenes are currently sought after for flavoring products intended to smell just like the plant in its natural form. Previously, they have come with challenges such as limited supply options, availability, cost, standardization, and scalability. These factors have inspired manufacturers to pursue using botanical terpenes to create profiles that match a terpene spectrum of a particular strain. However, this approach lacks the essential oil aspects that emit the key elements inherent to the cannabis plant’s full essence.

To overcome these challenges, Lab Effects has combined the desirable attributes of each to bridge the gap between cannabis-derived and botanical terpenes. This approach starts with categorizing the most predominant essential oil bases unique to each cannabis strain.


Strain Specific CDTs

Chocolate Thai
Harley Quinn
King Louis XIII
Northern Lights
White Buffalo


Strain Specific CDTs

Blackberry Kush
Cereal Milk
Ghost Train Haze
Jack Herer


Strain Specific CDTs

GG #4
Girl Scout Cookies
Green Crack
OG Kush
Venom OG


Strain Specific CDTs

Forbidden Fruit
Grand Daddy Purple
Strawberry Cough
Sunset Sherbet


Strain Specific CDTs

9 Pound Hammer
Chem Dawg
Pineapple Express
Purple Gelato
Tropicana Cookies


Strain Specific CDTs

Blue Dream
Durban Poison
Lemon Haze
Maui Wowie
Pink Picasso
Platinum Cookies


Strain Specific CDTs

Jamaican Dream
Peppermint Cookies
Thai Chi

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